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“Doctors Reveal You Can Extend Your Lifespan – If You Regularly Use This Natural Compound”

Enjoy the health benefits of the world’s first low-protein KETO collagen

From the desk of Dr. Harlan Kilstein:

Decades of medical and scientific studies reveal a deep connection between collagen, the aging process, and human health. This natural protein compound plays various roles in critical biological functions and keeps our body running smoothly and efficiently.

But more importantly… it keeps the body young and healthy.

As we age the natural production of collagen in our body slows down. And when collagen levels go down in our body, important processes fail or break down. As a result, we start aging faster, the body gets weaker, and we become vulnerable to a variety of diseases.

Fortunately, by supplementing our body with collagen, we can repair and restore the damage — and even slow down the aging process.

Oh. My. God. I’ve been taking it with my morning coffee for 3 weeks straight – and I’ve already noticed a few differences in my day to day.

The inflammation in my knees slowly started to fade in the first few days. My hair stylist has asked me what I’m doing…. and my nails are growing fast and strong for the first time in my life. I’m in love with this stuff.

– Sandra Parache

Andrea Miller Moody

Sandra Markoski

Laurie Spencer

Ann Flatz

Carrie Logsdon

Rosario Cervantes

Anne Marie Smith

Peggy Browne


The Wrong Kind Of Collagen Could Sabotage Your Keto Results

Virtually all collagen supplements in the market have high concentrations of protein. Normally, that would be a good thing. But not when you’re doing keto. That amount of protein will make you go over the daily recommended macros. And as you know, too much protein may slow down or entirely stop the natural fat-burning process of keto.

The Health Benefits of COLLAGEN

Science has proven that supplementing our daily diet with collagen offers a wealth of benefits to the body… like:

Smooth & Radiant Skin

Collagen is a key factor in the strength, elasticity, and hydration of our skin. When collagen levels go down, the skin becomes brittle and dry. And wrinkles begin to form. Wrinkles are the most evident sign of aging. A daily dose of high-quality collagen can help restore the skin to a more youthful state

Shiny Hair and Nails

Thousands upon thousands of users have noticed that restoring the levels of collagen in the body has a direct impact on the strength and natural shine of both hair and nails. Many of them report that hair thinning and hair-loss have considerably slowed down or completely stopped after just a few weeks of collagen supplementation.

Strong & Healthy Bones

The bones in our body are mostly made out of collagen. It is collagen that gives our bones their strength and structure. When levels go down, bones become porous and lose density. Leading to conditions like osteoporosis and makes bones frail and vulnerable to fracture. Collagen supplements may inhibit bone breakdown.

Pain-Free Joints

Cartilage is the rubber-like tissue that protects our joints. And collagen is in charge of keeping it strong and healthy. As the levels of collagen lower with age, the risk of developing certain joint disorders increases significantly. Keeping our collagen levels healthy minimizes the risk of diseases like osteoarthritis and lupus erythematosus.

Stronger Muscles

Between 1-10% of muscle tissue is composed of collagen. Once we hit 30, the body starts losing as much as 5% of its muscle mass per decade. This is called “sarcopenia” and it’s a natural part of the aging process. Studies have shown that muscle mass loss can be halted and even reversed through dietary collagen supplementation.

Improved Heart Health

Arteries depend on a healthy level of collagen for structure. When collagen levels get too low, arteries become weak and fragile. This, in turn, leads to atherosclerosis and further dangerous complications like heart attack and stroke. Studies show that a frequent dose of collagen may reduce artery stiffness and help increase good cholesterol levels (HDL).

Better Gut Health

Studies are showing promising information that collagen may strengthen intestinal permeability and help alleviate leaky gut syndrome. Other studies are being conducted into the role that collagen plays in metabolism and how it may be even used to promote weight loss.

Melinda Hill

Tricia Miller

Bridgett Michling

Pamela Mitts

Mary Thomas

P Chola Sims

Kim Gerak

Albina Cooper



Completely Keto Collagen is the easiest and most effective way to supplement your body with the highest-grade collagen available anywhere. Using only the finest ingredients, we’ve formulated this collagen supplement especially for people who are following a KETO lifestyle.

What exactly makes it KETO?

KETO requires a very precise balance of macronutrients (macros). In order for the keto diet to work, your body needs carbs, high fats, and moderate proteins. And when this balance is broken, the metabolic state of ketosis slows down or stops entirely.

Most collagen supplements have between 18 and 30 grams of protein in a single serving. This is simply too high for the body to stay in keto.

Completely Keto Collagen solves this problem. Its exclusive low-protein formula lets your body reap all the health benefits of collagen – while staying safely in ketosis.

How should I take it?

All you need is a single scoop in your morning coffee, tea, or water. The powder adds a slight creamy feel to your drink, Our formula is designed to affect the taste and smell as little as possible.

How fast does it work?

The fast-acting formula in Completely Keto Collagen gets to work and starts restoring your body from the very first day. Many of our customers report they start to notice changes within the first 2-3 weeks of daily use.



Get a 2-month supply of
Completely Keto Collagen

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Completely Keto Collagen

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Elizabeth Burton

Colleen Sipple

Leslie Butler

Dawn Myhra

Cindy Sieradski

Rose Foster

Annette Deitrick

Sheri Bryan

Dr. Kilstein’s work has been


And many more…


Made from Grass-Fed Bovines

Completely Keto Collagen is made from the purest grass-fed bovines only – ensuring the highest-quality protein available. This also ensures that your collagen will not be laced with pesticides or heavy metals that build up in the bones of other lower-quality cattle.

100% KETO-Friendly

No other collagen supplement out there can be considered keto. Period. Most of them are too high-protein and will throw your macros over the daily allowed limits. Others use filler ingredients like Maltodextrin that may cause insulin spikes.

Made in the USA

Completely Keto Collagen is manufactured with care in a sterile state-of-the-art lab right here in the United States of America. We’ve made sure it’s produced following the strictest health controls, regulations and best practices.

Lynn Yeomans

Kathy McKiernan

Sarah Zyduck

Pamela Schwaner

Donna Malerba

Mona Mendiola

Montez Kennard

Bobbi Partridge


My nails were soft and brittle now they’re much stronger also my hair started to grow strong again
Wendi Guthrie

I LOVE Completely Keto Collagen. My skin, hair and nails are thriving.
Nelly Castell

Almost done with my 1st container and have noticed my hair isn’t falling out as much.
Jeanne Hildebrand

My hairdresser is amazed. She wants to know what I did differently. My hair is getting thicker!
Cheryl Rivers Hart

I love it! My hair is getting long and tick again.
Jennifer Pridie

I’ve used it for a week. Love it in my coffee. I don’t need cream when I use it.
Cheryl Rivers Hart

I think I’m looking younger (but no photo proof). My wrinkes are certainly getting better.
Sandra Brower

Love it. My hair and nails are growing faster and I’ve just implemented it to my keto plan.
Lindsey Powders

I’m 30 days in. My nails are starting to look better. I know results take time and I have enough for six months… I’ll keep you all posted!
Irene Zeringue

I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks. My nails seem to be growing faster. No change in my hair (loss/growth) yet. 
Dawn Smith Veccherelli

My skin is definitely less dry and crepe.
Valerie Dunn Addington

There is a definite difference in the elasticity of my skin and my nails are growing beautifully for the first time in my life!
Cheri Henry

I’m using it faithfully and it seems that my hair has slowed down on falling out.
Carolin Roy

I swear my hair is falling out less!
Andrea Miller Moody

It is wonderful! Makes my coffee even more creamy!!!
Candace Avera Burnham

I notice my skin isn’t as dry and my joints aren’t as stiff and yoga and workouts are better
Marci Ransom

I do my own manicure, and have noticed the growth and strength of my nails. The growth in one week is more than I had over 2-3 weeks!
Patti Liddy

I’ve been using it for a month and my hair is so full and so much thicker. No more hair loss. I love it!!!
Carol Bliss

Sandra Lee

Debbie Pittelli

Brenda Derhammer

Cindy Bowe

Amal Ali

Pamela Joy

Kelli Whitehead

Jenny Kusler

Angie Voss

Valerie Dunn

Shannon Dorsett

Carmen Garcia-Doudna

Jeanne Hildebrand

Chris Bailey

Doreen Wyandt

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Get a 2-month supply of
Completely Keto Collagen

Regular price $78

Election Day Sale Price $46.80

Your savings: $31.20



Get a 4-month supply of
Completely Keto Collagen

Regular price $156

Election Day Sale Price $93.60

Your savings: $62.40

Completely Keto Corp., Health and Wellness, Boca Raton, FL

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