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Peach Cobbler Electrolytes

Nourish your body with the essential minerals it needs during KETO

What are electrolytes anyway?

When doing keto, you cut back drastically on the number of carbs you consume. As a result, the body creates less insulin and burns away the stored glycogen. This is a good thing.

However… Few people know that for every gram of glycogen (stored carbs), there are three grams of water weight stored as well. And during ketosis, all that water gets flushed out too. And along with it, essential minerals are excreted too.

These essential minerals are called “electrolytes”. And your body needs them to perform many important biological functions.

Without enough electrolytes, you may experience:

Heart palpitations or “Racing Heart”

Weakness or Dizziness (Like you’re going to pass out)

Headaches or Migraines

Painful cramps

Constipation or Bloating

These are the symptoms of a serious electrolyte imbalance. Some people call this “the keto flu”. These symptoms are very uncomfortable. But when left unchecked, they may lead to more serious health issues.

That’s why it is critical to replenish the lost electrolytes. Especially when you’re doing keto.

Your Body Needs These Four Minerals

Some people try to replenish the lost electrolytes through nutrition. This doesn’t work. You would have to consume massive quantities of the right foods in order to do it (and it beats the purpose of keto).


This is the number one mineral your body sheds during Keto. Most people don’t realize this but low sodium triggers insulin resistance. This makes it much more difficult to lose weight.


Potassium promotes healthy blood pressure levels, healthy circulation, and ensures proper fluid balance in the body. It is essential for nerve and muscle function. Low levels of potassium may result in gut issues – including bloating and constipation.


Calcium is another very important electrolyte. It promotes building strong bones, regulating nerve function and ensuring proper muscle contraction. Low calcium levels have also been linked to sleep issues.


Magnesium helps the body maintain a healthy immune system, normal heart rhythm, proper nerve and muscle function and many other biochemical reactions. Magnesium is the single element that is most likely to be missing during an electrolyte imblance.

Completely Keto Peach Cobbler Electrolytes

 Don’t waste your money on something that doesn’t work. Or even worse, stuff that sabotages your weight loss!

You know those “healthy” special waters you see in the store don’t list the amounts of minerals in them for one reason. There isn’t enough to meet government minimal standards. Drinking “electrolyte water” or “enhanced water” is literally no different than drinking what comes out of your faucet.

And the colorful commercial drinks pitched as “sports electrolytes” endorsed by athletes. Well, those have artificial ingredients that cause an insulin response. That’s exactly what we’re trying to avoid in Keto.

And then there are the brands that go overboard and put too much magnesium citrate in their formulas. Well, that particular ingredient also used as a laxative. So you can guess where you’ll be spending most of your time when you get an overdose of that!

We hand-selected the highest quality ingredients, like Himalayan pink salt instead of regular salt, and turned them into a formulation that no other brand can match.

No other brand has ALL the critical electrolytes your body needs for keto.

Completely Keto

✔️ Sugar Free
✔️ Carb Free
✔️ Gluten Free
✔️ Soy Free


✔️ Dairy Free
✔️ No MSG
✔️ No Maltodextrin (or other fillers)
✔️ No Artificial Flavors or Colors

The best part is they taste good too (unlike many other electrolyte drinks on the market).

With just one power-packed drink each day (two if you feel the need) Completely Keto Peach Cobbler Electrolytes will power your body to stay strong and healthy on Keto as you torch off all your unwanted fat.

So you’ll feel fighting-fit and ready to roll on every single day of Speed Keto. There’s absolutely no need to feel weak, headachey or tired, or drag yourself around with no energy.

If you experience that feeling for even a moment while doing Keto, it’s a sign that you aren’t taking the right electrolytes (or enough of them). Just one glass of our Peach Cobbler electrolytes is all you need to have  a smooth and fully enjoyable keto journey.   

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