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Welcome to “The Beach”

You have 3 ways in which to enjoy this relaxation experience…


Hi, thanks for ordering your copy of The Beach.

It has already changed tens of thousands of lives around the world.

And I look forward to hearing how it has helped you change as well.

Simply get into a relaxed position, close your eyes. Pick a single word that symbolizes what you would like to change and press play.

You can download this and transfer it to your phone.

You can play it right on the thank you page.

Or you can click the video and just relax with your eyes closed.


This is my ultimate secret change technique.

Remember, listen to this for a MINIMUM of 30 days and if you don’t notice a change, I insist you ask for a refund.

If you need support as always you can reach our Completely Keto Support Squad at support@completelyketo.com

  • You can click play under the “AUDIO” section, and listen to it in your browser
  • You can click play under the “VIDEO” section, and listen to/watch the experience in your browser
  • You can click the DOWNLOAD link, so you can add it to your phone or other mp3 audio device.





If you have questions about your order please call us at 1-866-FOR-KETO,

1-866-367-5386, or email customer service.

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