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The stranger stared back at me in the mirror…

I couldn’t recognize myself.

Who was this person in the over-sized clothing?

I heard what everyone said behind my back.

Thunder thighs. Gross. Fat. Disgusting.

I felt like crying. 

And, to tell you the truth, sometimes I felt it was true.

I spent the last 15 years of my life trying to get rid of these love handles… and these squishy extras that mother nature had so gracefully added to my stomach, hips and my butt.

Absolutely nothing worked. (At least not in the way that I needed it to work. And trust me…


I tried Atkins. And paleo. And weight watchers. And point counting.

I tried low-fat. Low-calorie. Low carb. Low everything..

I tried all sorts of pills. The slimming pills. The fat-burning pills. The ketone pills.

I tried them all.

And just for good measure… I tried all the shakes too. 

I went as far as trying the rubbing stuff being sold on TV at 2 am!

I tried jogging daily. And the Pilates. And the never-ending cardio workouts. I had the world’s largest collection of exercise devices and DVDs. And I went through more personal trainers than Debbie Moskowitz did boyfriends in high school.

None of it worked for me… Nada. Zero. Zilch.

No matter what I did.  No matter what I tried. No matter how much money I spent. Nothing was helping me get rid of the fat. My dress size was headed in the wrong direction.

A handful of things worked… but only for a short period of time.

The pounds always came back… and brought a few friends along with them.

It felt like I was doing the cha-cha.

One pound down. Two pounds up. 

No wonder they call it “the diet roller coaster!

I was discouraged, disappointed… and red-face frustrated

In fact… I was about to give up entirely, and resume my long-term relationship with both Ben & Jerry.

Why is fat so mother-beeping stubborn?

Why won’t it go away?

And why won’t it STAY away?

And then one of those accidental encounters happened.

A few months ago I was at the mall. And not in a “fun-trip-to-the-mall” kind of way. My waistline had gone up again and I had to get a new pair of jeans.

I was standing there alone… 

In front of one of those huge mirrors at the store. Silently staring at my own body. Disapproving my stomach, my hips, my butt, and my entire existence. Groaning at myself. Wondering how things got so out of hand.

Damning to hell all those cheeseburgers, oreos, and gooey slices of pizza I had when I cheated. And at the same time, cursing all the salads and rabbit food I had to eat when I was trying to “be good”

I was basically hating everything and everyone.

And above all…

I was hating myself

When suddenly…

 Out of nowhere…

Someone tapped me on the shoulder.

I snapped around to see who  had just dared to interrupt my little self-hatred drama episode.

I was about to bite someone’s head off…

But her big bright smile stopped me.

It was a preppy brunette with a small frame and a terrific body.

Excuse me… You’re Laura, from Liberty High, aren’t you? – she asked.

I nodded confused…

It’s me, Ashley… from Mrs. Adler’s class!

I stared blankly…

They called me chubs – she said lowering her voice.

– “Ash..?  Yes, of course! My god, you’ve changed so much… You look so…

Thin… I know, right? – she interrupted

And then she hugged me for an uncomfortably long time.

Listen, we need to catch up… and I’m not taking NO for an answer!

So I put the jeans back on the rack… and we walked over to the mall coffeehouse.

After a little while of tasty gossipy chit-chat, I finally mustered up the nerve to ask her:

Ash, I hadn’t seen you in ages… You look terrific… What did you do? You used to be so…

She interrupted me again.

And said something that really baffled me.

Something I had never heard before.

She said:

I used to be the chubbiest girl in class… Remember that?

People were so cruel to me. It really hurt. I was even voted ‘most likely to eat a whole pizza’.

And even though I tried everything to slim down. Nothing ever worked for me.

And things got even worse over time. Five years ago I was HUGE…”

She explained that her health was going downhill fast.

Until her doctor gave her an ultimatum:

You either start losing weight now… or you won’t live to see your kids graduate.

That scared the bejeesus outa me! – she continued.

The doctor then recommended something that changed her life.

It wasn’t a diet. 

It wasn’t a pill.

Or a workout routine.

It was something I didn’t know.

Something that nobody ever talks about. 

The doctor said…

Listen… If you’re serious about getting rid of the extra weight, there is something that you need to take care of first.

And that is inflammation.

Inflammation is what’s holding back most women from losing weight. It’s what’s sabotaging your efforts… and preventing your body from being able to but away the fat.

Trust me…

Once you get rid of all that inflammation, you won’t believe how fast and easy it becomes to lose the extra weight.”


I was intrigued

Ashley reached into her purse and took out a small notepad.

Then she quickly jot down a few websites and handed the paper to me.

– “Check them out… this stuff really helped me” – she said smiling.

I drove home. And as soon as I got there, I headed upstairs… straight to my computer.

The websites she recommended made my jaw drop.

I learned a lot about inflammation that day.

I discovered that it is a much bigger deal than we’re being led to believe.

You see, it turns out that…


Inflammation is wreaking havoc in our bodies

…It’s causing serious damage to our cells, tissues, and organs.

And it gets worse…

Because scientific studies have linked inflammation to all kinds of life-threatening illnesses like:

❌ Heart disease.

❌ Asthma.

❌ Rheumatoid arthritis.

❌ Alzheimer’s.

❌ And even cancer.

This stuff is making millions of people suffer every year.

Thousands of lives are being cut short because of these diseases.

And those are not just meaningless numbers. It’s stuff that hits real close to home for me. My dad passed away a few years ago from heart failure. My mom suffers deeply every day from her arthritis.

And after reading the facts… I’m pretty sure inflammation is directly involved with their conditions.

And then it hit me.

That’s exactly where I was headed

Disturbing. I know.

And I certainly didn’t want any of it in my future.


I was surprised to learn that the inflammation in our bodies is caused by different things.

In a handful of rare cases, it’s caused by autoimmune disorders…


The vast majority of the inflammation in the body is caused by our way of life. We’re basically living in a bubble of irritants, pollution, and dangerous chemicals They all play their part and we’re surrounded by them.

Other things that trigger inflammation are smoking… alcohol… and daily stress.

All that is pretty obvious…

But perhaps the biggest factor of them all…

And certainly the most alarming of them is that…

Inflammation is caused by the foods we eat!

Certain foods flare up inflammation in the body.

Processed foods… fried foods… refined carbohydrates. They all cause inflammation.

No surprise there, Sherlock.

But it’s not just processed foods!

Some organic foods…

100% natural foods…

Those may also be a trigger for inflammation.

Seemingly safe foods that you eat every day are hurting you deeply

Without you even knowing about it…


Food can actually play both a positive or a negative role in managing chronic inflammation.

The more I read, the more excited I became.

Because the evidence was clear.

Every symptom in my body I found on these medical sites.

I knew it… I’m a victim of serious inflammation!

But even more importantly…

And there was one bottom line message I took away.

“There’s a way back from inflammation…”

I was thrilled to discover that there’s an easy way to fix my problem.

There’s an easy way to turn back the clock.

An easy way to reverse the damage caused by years of being subject to inflammation.

An easy way to minimize the risk of all those life-threatening illnesses.

All that’s required is a simple change to the way we eat.

That’s it.

That’s all you need to do.

Out with the inflammatory foods… and I’d notice the change. – I thought

Here’s what I discovered:

By changing the way you look at food.

And making a few simple tweaks to your daily diet.

The food you eat starts working in your favor.

Instead of working against you.

It helps your body fight inflammation.

And it optimizes your metabolism through a state called ketosis.

And once that happens…

Wonderful changes start happening to the body.


The body’s natural fat-burning switch is flipped to ON.

Because instead of using sugar (or the glycogen stored in your muscles).

The body starts using FAT as its primary source of fuel.

And the fat that gets burned, comes from both the foods you eat AND from your body’s fat reserves. Including unwanted fat from around the waist, the thighs, the butt, and other stubborn places.

BINGO! This is what I really wanted to hear.

That the ugly, flabby, undesirable fat…

The fat that I’ve been dragging around for years…

The fat that has caused me so much pain and embarrassment…

Can actually melt away…

Quickly.  Easily. And without too much of an effort. Just by making a few simple changes to the way I eat.

A way to get the body I want and deserve…

A slim and healthy body.

😀 Without any more crazy workouts at the gym.

😃 Without risky surgeries.

😁 Without popping those expensive pills.

😆 And without starving myself (yeah, baby!)

And as wonderful as that may be…

Fighting inflammation is about so much more than just losing weight

Your health starts improving almost immediately.

✔️ Your energy levels soar up… letting you do more of what you love throughout the day.

✔️ Focus, memory, and mental clarity improve right away… so you no longer wake up with a foggy memory.

✔️ Blood sugar levels normalize… this is a really big deal for people with diabetes.

✔️ Cholesterol levels go down dramatically.

✔️ And so does high blood pressure – cutting down the risk of life-threatening diseases.

All these positive changes may increase your lifespan by years.

(Maybe even decades.)

The body, quite literally, gets transformed and optimized.

It gets restored to a healthier, youthful and vibrant state.

Without inflammation.

It’s the quickest and easiest way to get the body you want and deserve.

A slim… healthy… desirable body.

This is EXACTLY what I wanted.

This is EXACTLY what I wanted!

Convinced, I phoned Ashley to thank her for the research.

And after a little while of chit-chat…

I learned that she got so good at tracking and eliminating the inflammatory foods by following a special program that she kept referring to as “her secret to body transformation”.

It took me a while to convince her…

Until she finally caved in and revealed everything to me.

She followed something called Speed Keto.

It’s a 30-day program developed by Dr. Harlan Kilstein. And apparently, it’s become quite popular.

Speed Keto has already helped over 100,000 people win the fight against inflammation… and get the body of their dreams.

It’s taken years to perfect the program. And now, it gets spectacular results for ANYONE who follows it.

It only takes 30 days to start living a healthier and happier life. A life without inflammation.

All of it clicked with me.

I was excited.

And ready to get started.

It felt right. So I decided to give it a shot.

I signed up, downloaded the whole thing and went through it right away.

It was better than I imagined…

The program includes shopping lists, meal plans, and a heap of recipes. And I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious everything looked. I didn’t know I could eat stuff this tasty and still be losing weight.

Another pleasant surprise came shortly after… When I joined the Speed Keto members group on Facebook.

It’s a vibrant community of tens of thousands of friendly people. All were on the same journey and posting their results.

They made me feel right at home.

It’s wonderful to login and see them sharing their best tips and recipes And how they motivate and celebrate each other’s wins.

Inside this group I met people from all over the world. They were getting the most amazing results I had ever seen.

People like Kelly Greenawalt, who had lost 80 pounds already with Speed Keto

Or Wendi Guthrie… who got rid of 85 pounds of extra weight.

Or Donna Greene, who lost 165 pounds and went from a size 28 to a size 11

I was so pumped up to get started.

These were real people.

They were getting real results.

And it didn’t stop there…

I also met Jennifer Wells who shed 60 pounds

And Amy Madge who lost a whopping 100 pounds

And Gale Ellerkamp… who also lost 100 pounds

And Kathi Reinhart who lost 64 pounds

There were thousands of people in there – sharing their success stories about Speed Keto. Some of them were newbies like me. Many others had been on the program for months. It was incredible to see all those breathtaking before and after pictures. The most dramatic body transformations I had ever seen.

And these were real people… not phony and photoshopped magazine models.

I was talking to them on Facebook. And they were being so nice to me!

Even Doctor Kilstein and his wife Hanah were in there. Sharing their own photos. Answering questions. Sharing their advice… and keeping everyone motivated.

I knew I was in the right place… and surrounded by the right crowd.

I could barely sleep that night. Knowing I would start my own Speed Keto journey the next morning.

Fast-forward 30 days

You wouldn’t believe how happy I am. The results I’ve experienced are out of this world. I can barely contain my excitement.

✔️ I’ve lost 24 pounds on my very first round.

✔️ I’m waking up every day with a smile…

✔️ and I have so much energy!

I do my little happy dance every time I walk in front of a mirror.

And… I’ve caught a guy or two checking me out again.

Speed Keto has really changed my life for the best.

In fact…

I’m celebrating with Ashley at the mall today. I’ll be getting that new pair of jeans that I wanted… two full sizes smaller!

And now that I’m certain that Speed Keto works so well… I plan to keep going. I really want to find out where this is going to take me.

Best of all…

Speed Keto is easy as 1-2-3!

Following the program is barely any effort at all. They’ve made it so easy, you won’t believe you’ve changed your diet.

You get the shopping lists… So you know exactly what to buy.

You get the meal plans… So there’s no guesswork involved.

You get the actual recipes… And they’re lip-smacking delicious.

And unlike any of those other complicated diets… There’s no need to keep track of calories, carbs, or macros… or any of that nonsense.

You know exactly what to eat and when: Breakfast… Lunch… And dinner…

Everything has been planned for you already.

✔️ No need to think about it.

✔️ No need to worry.

And better yet…

✔️ The food you get to eat is incredibly tasty!

And quite generous too… so you’ll never feel restricted.

In fact, it doesn’t feel like a diet at all… Because every single day, you get to eat stuff like this:

Yes… Everything tastes as good as it looks.

You won’t believe meals this good can be keto.

And the program works. It just plain works.

You start to notice the changes right from the first few days:

✔️ You wake up smiling and energized.

✔️ Bloating and constipation just vanish.

And sooner than you imagine…

✔️ Your clothes start to fit a little looser.

✔️ You look and feel decades younger.

✔️ And you’re always in a good mood!

But the most important changes happen within…

✔️ The body gets healthier.

✔️ It gets rid of inflammation.

✔️And the risk of life-ending illnesses gets slashed.

A healthier, happier life… is the actual reward.

In just 30 days you’ll realize this is the way eating is supposed to be.

Best of all…

Speed Keto is flexible too!

First of all… You never eat anything you don’t like. Plus, you even get options to substitute ingredients, or even entire meals. You never have to guess what you can or can’t eat. There’s always an option.

And if you ever have a question, or feel like you’re about to cheat… Their support is absolutely AMAZING. Plus, there’s thousands of people ready and willing to help you out. They’ll share tips and motivation to keep you going. And they really make things easy.

And now, it’s YOUR turn…

👉 It’s your turn to slim down and finally melt away the fat you’ve been dragging around for so long.

👉 It’s your turn to look and feel decades younger… vibrant… and energized.

👉 It’s your turn to get healthy once and for all.

You know you’ve been meaning to do it. And it all starts with your next click. So go ahead and click the button below to download Speed Keto right now. 

Most people lose at least 20 pounds during their very first round.
And Speed Keto will do the same for you.

And it gets better…

It’s your turn to slim down and finally melt away the fat you’ve been dragging around for so long.

It’s your turn to look and feel decades younger… vibrant… and energized.

It’s your turn to get healthy once and for all.

You know you’ve been meaning to do it. And it all starts with your next click. So go ahead and click the button below to download Speed Keto right now.