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Speed Carnivore is a revolutionary 30-day program designed to do one thing: Accelerate your metabolism’s natural fat-burning mechanism to the max. This finely-tuned nutrition program reduces carb intake to zero and fuels your body using only the best sources of protein available.

Speed Carnivore works faster and more effectively than anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s a science-based system that combines the latest nutrition breakthroughs with intermittent fasting to produce spectacular body transformation results in record-breaking time.

Speed Carnivore:


Accelerates your body’s metabolism.
You’ll probably notice the results taking place right from the first few days!

  • Soars up your energy levels
    You’ll be able to do more of what you love throughout the entire day.
  • Reduces body inflammation
    Quickly reducing bloat and effectively reducing joint pain and stiffness
  • Improves health markers across the board
    Turn back the clock and reduce decades of cellular-level damage
  • Supports mental clarity, focus & concentration
    You’ll be able to think quicker and mentally outperform much younger people
  • Helps clear up skin problems
    Look your best as stubborn skin conditions vanish in days

Best of all, Speed Carnivore is easy to follow. There is no guesswork. There’s no calorie counting, carb calculating, food weighing, or any of that nonsense. All you do is follow the steps and watch as your body burns away the unwanted fat FAST.

And to speed up your weight loss, the program includes elements of intermittent fasting and OMAD (one meal a day). These are entirely optional, but highly encouraged.

Speed Carnivore includes shopping lists, meal plans, and recipes for 30 days. It’s an instant download that you can access right now through your computer, phone, or tablet.

And your purchase is fully protected by our 100% satisfaction, 90-day money-back guarantee. You’ll have enough time to go through the Speed Carnivore program 3 times before deciding if it’s right for you.

Download it right now. Give it a try. Experience the results. Impress your friends and family with a stunning body transformation. And if you don’t LOVE that slim new body… just send us an email (or give us a call), and we’ll send your money back. No nonsense. No questions asked.



What kind of food does the Speed Carnivore program allow?

The goal of Speed Carnivore is to reduce your carb intake to zero. For that reason, the program uses the best sources of animal protein available: Beef, Fish & Seafood, Fowl, Pork, Lamb, and Eggs. Fresh herbs, spices, and a small amount of lemon juice and vinegar are allowed. 


Does Speed Carnivore include dairy?

Dairy is strictly limited – and only allowed during the transition period to a full carnivore eating plan. Dairy can hinder the results, so the program aims for zero dairy consumption.


Where will I get vitamins and other essential nutrients from?

That’s the beauty of the Speed Carnivore program. The majority of nutrients are present and more bio-available in animal foods than plant foods. Vitamin C, for example, can be found in eggs, liver, and fish roe. Other important nutrients will come from electrolytes, MCT oil, etc.


Is the intermittent fasting absolutely necessary?

It’s not required. Only highly encouraged. Protein is highly satiating, and the program is designed so that you’ll never feel starved or hangry.


Is it safe?

In short, yes it is. Plenty of scientific studies show that health markers across the board improve considerably with a carnivore diet. If you have any concerns or pre-existing conditions, you should consult your physician before starting the Speed Carnivore program.