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I did not receive a confirmation of my order. How do I know if it went through?

When you finalized your order, you should have seen an Confirmation page which can show as a Success or Thank You page. If you saw that, the order was successfully submitted. If you did not see that page or don’t remember it, the next way to know your order was successful is through email confirmation.

A confirmation email should have been sent to you within an hour of placing your order. If that’s not in your inbox, please check your spam folder. If it’s not there, call Customer Services on 1-866-FOR-KETO and we’ll get you sorted.  You can also email us support@completelyketo.com

Can I change an order once it’s been made?

Once we receive your order we get to work on it right away. This means that changes or cancellations are not always possible. Also, you cannot change your order online once it has been placed.

We do understand that sometimes you need to make a change, so contact Customer Service on 1-866-FOR-KETO to make a request. We’ll make our best efforts to ensure you’re satisfied. If the item has already shipped, you may return it following our standard return policy.

Since I need to enter my credit card details online to order, I’d like to know if your site is secure?

We take the security of our online ordering system very seriously, that’s why we’re using the latest technology to safeguard your details. In addition, we do not store credit card numbers, so once payment for your order has cleared, your card details are erased from our system.

I’m having trouble with ordering online. Who can I speak to?

Technology can be a pain sometimes! Call us on 1-866-FOR-KETO ( 1-866-367-5386) and we’ll sort you out.


What should I do if my credit card was refused when I placed an order?

Check that you entered all the details correctly on the checkout page. If it is refused again after that, try another credit card or contact your credit card company to get the issue resolved. If you think your card is being refused due to our error, contact Customer Service on 1-866-FOR-KETO.

Which payment options do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard and American Express, as well as PayPal.

Do you offer discounts on large quantity orders?

Yes, we know that people like to stock up on their favorite products, so we have special offers on bulk purchases. If you want a higher quantity than is offered on our sales page, please contact Customer Services on 1-866-FOR-KETO.

When will I get my products?

If you’ve ordered a digital Ebook, we’ll get that to you within an hour of your order being placed.  It will come on a download page and in your email.

We aim to ship other products, books and supplements, within 48 hours of receiving your order.  When we offer a new product on “pre-sale” it may take a little on longer than 48 hours. We’ll try our hardest to meet that target.

Do I get charged for shipping each item separately?

No. All similar products are shipped together.  We want to keep shipping charges as low as possible for you, so you’ll only be charged for one shipment for any supplements whether you order a single product or bundle pack.

If you order print books these come from a different location so there is a separate shipping charge.

Do you ship overseas?

We know that it’s hard to get quality Keto products like ours in other countries, so we are happy to offer an overseas shipping service via priority mail. For shipping charges, select your country in the address panel. If you do not see your country listed, it may show as ROW (Rest of World) and that will be a flat rate shipping and handling fee for you.

I received my order, but something is missing. What can I do?

Digital Ebooks: If you can see the PDF ready to download, but the link isn’t working, please try on a different browser or device if possible. Some antivirus programs interfere with downloads and this may be the cause. If that doesn’t work, please contact us by phone or email (see bottom of this page) and we’ll be happy to send you a new link.

What can I do if Keto doesn’t work out for me?

We truly believe that Keto can work for anyone and we’ve seen such amazing, life-changing results, that we encourage everyone to give it at least a month. Like anything new, it takes time to learn how to eat Keto, for your body to adjust, and for you to see results.

If you’ve given it your best shot and are sure Keto is not going to move those unwanted pounds, rev up your energy levels and stop those obsessive food-cravings as it has for thousands of others, you can take advantage of our 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee. Just return the products to us at and we’ll credit the account you paid with within 14 business days (usually less) of receipt. Contact Customer Service and ask for Susan. 1-866-For-Keto (1-866-367-5386) or support@completelyketo.com

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