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Completely Keto Smoothies

The Only Keto Shake That Won’t Spike Insulin Levels or Kick The Body Out of Ketosis


It’s a creamy and delicious shake that is 100% keto-friendly. Made from all-natural egg protein (not whey) and with added MCT powder for that extra daily energy boost!

✔️ KETO CHOCOLATE MEAL REPLACEMENT SHAKE – 12g of fat including MCTs (C8 / C10) 160 calories, 8g of protein from eggs, 0g of sugar.

✔️ DELICIOUS RICH & CREAMY CHOCOLATE FLAVOR – Add to a shaker bottle and mix with water for a rich, smooth chocolatey flavor that’s sugar free. Our proprietary blend of Erythritol and Stevia does not spike blood sugar and it doesn’t have the usual fake artificial sweetener aftertaste.

✔️ 1g NET CARBS – 6 g carbohydrates – 3g of fiber – 2g of sugar alcohol = 1g of net carbs. Perfect for a keto or low carb diet.

✔️ MIXES EASILY, TASTES GREAT: Add 1 scoop to water and tastes delicious. Tight on time? This is the easy meal on the go.

✔️ CONTAINS NO WHEY OR PEA PROTEIN to spike insulin levels or kick the body out of Ketosis.

✔️ THE ONLY KETO COMPANY with an A+ rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau)

It happens more often than it should…

We hit the snooze button. Wake up in a hurry. And we’re left with little or no time for a decent breakfast before rushing out the door. And you already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

This is why people drink protein shakes and smoothies in the morning. A good protein shake energizes your body and gives you the extra oomph you need to start the day the right way.

Unfortunately, most protein shakes don’t work for us doing keto.

What’s wrong with “Protein Shakes”?

Traditional protein shakes. Especially those available at brand-name health stores are made from whey. And this raises a few problems for us living a keto lifestyle, because…

Commercial whey protein shakes:

❌ Make people go over the daily limit of protein macros

❌ Whey protein is dairy… and causes critical insulin spikes

❌ Whey promotes inflammation throughout the body and adds pounds of unwanted belly weight

❌ Whey makes it hard to lose weight (virtually impossible for people with metabolic syndrome)

❌ Traditional protein shakes use artificial sweeteners that may be harmful to the  body

The more I looked into traditional protein shakes, the more damaging information I found about them. It didn’t take long to find that they include all sorts of chemicals, filler ingredients (like maltodextrin), and unhealthy stuff added.

I knew I had to do something about it…

There’s a better way!

After months of research, consulting with the world’s leading nutrition experts, and arduous formulation using only the finest and purest ingredients… I’m proud to introduce the perfect keto meal replacement shake.

It’s called the Completely Keto Perfect Smoothie. And it’s a creamy and delicious shake that is 100% keto-friendly.

✔️ It’s made with all-natural egg protein

✔️ It includes MCT oil powder for added energy!

✔️ It doesn’t cause insulin spikes

✔️ It doesn’t trigger dairy allergies

✔️ It has NO artificial sweeteners or chemicals

In fact, the smooth and creamy chocolate taste is absolutely incredible. During the development process, we tried 12 different flavors. None of them were as good. Over and over… we kept coming back to this formula. That’s when we knew we had a winner in our hands. Just one sip of the creamy keto goodness and people immediately understand why.

Here’s the problem…

As you may know, Completely Keto is a small family-run company. We’re a small team consisting of myself, my wife Chana, and a handful of hard-working people we’ve come to consider family.

As such, we don’t have the budget to mass-produce 100,000 containers of this delicious new chocolate smoothie. Creating a product of such high quality is not cheap. In fact, with a lot of strain and effort, we were barely able to produce 5,000 of these. And that’s what we did: 2500 vanilla and 2500 chocolate.

We know for a fact we’ll run out of stock… FAST!

Many of these were already pre-sold.

That’s why, folks serious about having the best keto journey possible, should place their order right now. Because we can’t guarantee there will be any left tomorrow or the next day.

Start your KETO day they right way!

I am absolutely positive that people are going to LOVE these keto protein smoothies. They taste so good folks are going to want to drink one every morning. And the added energy from the protein and from the MCT oil is just amazing.

So go ahead and click the button below to place an order now. We’ll be running out of stock very soon and it may be months before they’re back… so it makes sense to stock up today.

Get your Completely Keto Smoothies TODAY!

Vanilla Ice Cream
Keto Smoothie

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Keto Smoothie

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Keto Smoothie
Two-Flavor Combo

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⚠️ WARNING: Due to COVID, we’re instituting a “no return” policy on the new Keto Smoothies. All sales are final, so please make sure you are certain on the quantity you want to order. Thanks.